Full Brick Converter 2000W

Full Brick Converter
Power Square 2000 Watts

PS Series 2000W/120A

  • 2:1 Input range
  • Full Metal Package
  • Power Density 102W/in3
  • High Efficiency >92%
  • MTBF >1.55Mhrs
  • Remote On/Off
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature protection
  • RoHS compliant

The PowerSquare series provides up to 2000W/120A outputs with industry standard full brick pin assignment. The high thermal conductivity silicone potted six-sides metal package is designed for applications under extreme environmental conditions. The efficient SR stage is combined with patented “Buck Reset” topology that would reduce power loss to achieve 102W/in3 power density. The multi-layer single side circuit board design plus the unique module structure would enhance the thermal performance and improve its reliability. Modules are designed for Industrial, Telecom, Servers, Networking equipments and other applications that use a 300 (200~400V) input bus. Download datasheet PS Series 2000W

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