Glary Power Technology is the technology leader in high efficiency and high density dc to dc converters, supplying to telecommunication, data processing and industrial control. Glary is technology-oriented, superior in design and development, skilled in high power density manufacturing but a complementary product line will be set up in the near future to meet ever-increasing power demands.

Glary is Pioneer in low profile, high power density and high efficiency of a brick type. The height of 0.34" with full metal package, 53A/in3 current density, higher than 90% efficiency with 180W/in3 power density and reliable non-SR design but reach SR efficiency perform the professional strength in technology.

Metal Enclosed
25W - 40Watts


Ultra Compact Nano Brick
25W - 40Watts


Ultra Compact Micro Brick
50W - 80Watts


1/16 and 1/32 Brick
20W - 50Watts


1/8 Open & Enclosed Brick
75W - 132Watts

1/4 Brick Converter
75W - 300Watts

Half Brick Converter
90W - 800Watts

Full Brick Converter

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