Passive Components

Passive Components are available at Rebutor Electronics from industry leading manufacturers. Rebutor is an authorized distributor for passive component manufacturers FT Cap-Germany/ Leclanche-Switzerland, SRT-Resistor Technology-Germany products in India.


SRT Resistor Technology was established in the year 1996 as successor of the production group resistors of the former SIEGERT GmbH, since more than 50 years manufacturer of resistors and electronic components.

SRT focuses on Production of high quality resistors for special requirements and applications, Development and production of additional products like chip coils, temperature sensors and special products and Distribution of passive components of cooperation partners. The Product Range includes:


Leaded Resistors

Temperature Sensors

Other Passive Components


FT Cap have been developing, manufacturing and selling quality capacitors over the last 65 years and they have devoted, exclusively, all of their energy and resources to the development, production and sales of capacitors. While other manufacturers have chosen to move their facilities to the Far East, FT Cap remain true to their founders' vision of producing capacitors in Europe (Germany and Switzerland.

In 2004, Fischer and Tausche added a new member to the family: the Swiss manufacturer, Leclanché Capacitors. Leclanché Capacitors, also dedicated 100% to the capacitor industry, has been manufacturing capacitors since 1919. The synergies created by the integration of the Swiss company into the group are obvious: production methods, development tools, and shared experiences are just a few.

Electrolytic Capacitor
Film Capacitors
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